PLW Delivers Quality of Life

Tap water is more than a convenience; it is central to our way of life.

If only the faucet could talk to us. It might remind us how often we turn to it for safe water to drink, wash our clothes, prepare our food, and provide us with the everyday quality of life we enjoy.

Tap water is so intricately part of our lives that we can hardly imagine a day without tap water.

Without tap water . . .


  • How would we cook, wash dishes and clothes, or water plants and landscapes?

  • How would we bathe? Brush our teeth?

  • How many businesses would have to suspend operations or relocate entirely?

  • How would our institutions-from hospitals to firehouses to schools-function?

    Americans tap into 40 billion gallons of tap water every day. Total water use in a typical single-family home is 101 gallons per person, per day. Most people drink about a half-gallon of water per day, which includes water used in juice, coffee, and other beverages. Your water supplier also pumps water to supply industry, commercial and retail outlets, medical centers, restaurants, and schools.


    PLW Delivers

    As your water provider, we're constantly monitoring your water to make sure that it's safe and available 24/7. We make sure that there's an adequate supply of water to meet community needs.


    We carefully treat water to remove any potentially harmful contaminants. We disinfect water to make sure it's safe when it reaches your faucet. We maintain an elaborate underground network of mains and pipes to get it there.

    We deliver more than water. We deliver public health, fire protection, support for the economy, and the overall quality of life we enjoy. Our job is to ensure that your water keeps flowing not only today, but well into the future. It's all part of our commitment to serve you and everyone in our community.