Board Members

Your Board of Trustees

A board of five trustees is elected by the members of Parkland Light & Water Co. for overall direction of the business and affairs of the company. These trustees are members of the company and live within the service area.

Each trustee is elected to serve a five-year term, with one term coming due at each annual meeting. Annual meetings are held the fourth Tuesday in March and the trustee is elected by a simple majority of members present and voting at that meeting.

The trustees appoint a General Manager and meet with her/him monthly throughout the year to receive reports on the company’s business. They vote on budgets and expenditures, set rates for water and power and make decisions to join into contracts with power providers. The trustees adopt billing and collection policies of the company and appoint a CPA to audit the company’s records. The board also takes part in the company labor union negotiations for a contract to serve PL&W when each contract comes due.

Trustees are encouraged to attend classes sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the Northwest Public Power Association that are designed specifically for trustees of electric companies. They also attend meetings of the local Pierce County Cooperative Power Association and the Regional Water Association. These classes and meetings keep your board informed of the most recent governing issues for the company as well as educate your board about the industry.