Reading the Meters

  • Reading Your Water Meter

    Your water meter is probably located along your property line at the front or side of your lot. To access the meter simply open the small metal, plastic or concrete lid. The small lid on the water meter is not locked or belted shut. Do not remove the large cover. Do not try to lift the cement ring. Our system has meters that read like a car odometer. This odometer is located on the face that looks much like a clock. If the odometer is in the process of rolling to a new number, take the lower number as your read. The last two digits may be a different color and are normally not read by the meter reader. The number on your meter can be compared to the read on your last billing card.

    PL&WCo calculates consumption based on 100 cubic feet, or 1 unit of water used. If your bill shows 10 units of consumption, you have actually used 1,000 cubic feet or 7,500 gallons of water.

    If you are reading your meter because you feel you were charged incorrectly, please call our office with the read you get at your meter. Our customer service representatives will be glad to research your account with you.

  • Tiny Holes Make For Big Leaks

    Gallons lost every 24 hours
  • Reading Your Electric Meter

    Your electric meter is usually located on the outside wall of your home. If you have a meter with numbers that look like a car odometer, simply subtract the previous reading from the current reading to determine your electric use.

  • Some homes or buildings may use a meter with a multiplier in order to obtain the correct billing amount. If your meter needs to be multiplied, the multiplier will appear on your electric bill.