New Customers

  • You may open your account either by phone or in person. A Customer Service Representative will ask you a few questions and there will be a new account fee that will be charged on your first bill. PL&WCo does not take deposits. Instead, we ask that you pay your bill in full by the delinquent date. Your prompt payment allows us to operate efficiently and without costly deposits.

    Most PL&WCo meters are read every month, though some water meters are read every other month. Where you live determines when your meter is read and billed. After the read is taken, your bill will be processed and mailed in about three working days.

    The bill is due when it is received. Bills are considered past-due twenty days after the billing date. If, after 20 days, the payment has not been received, a delinquent notice will be mailed and, a late fee may be added to your account. Unless we hear from you immediately, your service may be disconnected.

    Failure to receive a bill does not release any customer from the obligation of paying it. Please call our office (531-5666) if your bill does not arrive at its usual time.

    Our office has handicapped parking, a gradual incline ramp and an automatic door system to assist customers. These features are at the front of the building.

    Any time it is convenient for you, you may pay in advance for your utilities. Remember that even when you are on vacation, there will be monthly fees and some consumption.

    If you or someone in your home is on life-support equipment, you should notify PL&WCo of your special needs. We will attempt to let you know in advance if we are aware of any forthcoming interruptions in service.

    Moving is a busy time. Please call PL&WCo at 531-5666 to take service out of your name. Please call the business day before you want service disconnected. You will be asked for a forwarding address so we can send out your final bill. If you would like, after the closing bill is paid in full, we can print you a payment history to take to your next utility company.