Tips to Save Money

A little tweak here and there can end up saving you quite a bit throughout the year. Take a look at our tips below. Also be sure to check out our Energy Efficient Rebate list to see what can help save money and sometimes even pay you back!

All About Indoor Air Quality
Please see this youtube video for helpful tips

Turn Down the Temperature
Your hot water heater is likely set between 140 F and 150 F. Experts on home energy use suggest a setting between 115 F and 120 F.

Wrap Water Heater with a Blanket
Available from your local hardware store and easy to install, a water heater blanket is usually a very good idea. On gas water heaters, make sure you leave room at the bottom for fresh air to get in and feed the fire, and keep the blanket away from the flue at the top. The top of the heater also needs fresh air to help the exhaust leave the home.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water
Most of the cost of washing clothes is used to heat the water. Use a cold-water detergent and wash on the cold cycle.

Change to Low Flow Shower Heads
Replacing an older shower head with a low flow head, can reduce your water consumption in the shower by half. Big benefit for very low cost.

Change to Low Flow Toilets
Replacing a full flush toilet with a low flow toilet can save a significant amount of money along with conserving water. A low flow toilet can use as little as 1.6 gallons-per-flush while a full flush toilet can use as much as 7 gallons-per-flush!

Run your Dishwasher Only When Full
Running a partial load wastes water, filling it to the brim! To save more, shut off Heat Dry.

Check your Windows and Doors
A drafty house can make a big impact on your heating bill. Check for air seeping through any cracks and change out your weather stripping or caulk those holes closed.

Program your Thermostat
Setting your Thermostat throughout the day so your house isn’t heating or cooling while you’re away can help save $. Don’t mess with it, set it and forget it.