Electric Service

Parkland Light and Water purchases 100% of its power from BPA (Bonneville Power Administration) and is distributed from the substations through the electric distribution wires owned and maintained by PL&W. In the early 1970’s Parkland began placing the entire electric system underground and completed the project in 2003. Because the majority of the lines are now underground, our members experience minimal outages due to weather. Starting off on the right foot is important for any project. Whether you are building a new home, developing commercial property, altering an existing service or installing a mobile home; our Engineering Department can guide you through our requirements and help avoid most unwanted problems. We will be available to help you plan your project from the beginning, as efficiently as possible, until you are ready to connect to your new service.

We can help with:

  • Material and installation requirements
  • Striving for the most cost-effective solutions for you
  • Coordinating the timing of your service to minimize power outages
  • Educating you on all the options and estimated costs

Please be sure to notify us early in the construction process to save you time and money. Our Electric Service Application will provide further info and the necessary forms to get your project started.

Permanent Electric Service

PL&W requires that all new permanent services be installed underground and must also be installed in conduit. The conduit increases cable life expectancy and allows us to pull new cable if the existing cable fails. Requirements for meter base locations, conductor sizing and length of service must be adhered to.

Refer to our Electric Service Application for installation specifications and requirements.