Altered Electric Service

Altered Electric Service can include relocating your service as part of a remodel, upgrading or up-sizing your service to increase capacity for additional load, or just replacing worn out equipment. As you alter your service, we will work with you to minimize your time without power. Please refer to our Electric Service Application for specification and requirements.

Permanent Electrical Service

PL&W requires that all new permanent services be installed underground and must also be installed in conduit. The conduit increases cable life expectancy and allows us to pull new cable if the existing cable fails. Requirements for meter base locations, conductor sizing and length of service must be adhered to.

Refer to our Electric Service Application for installation specifications and requirements.

*If the existing service you are altering is serviced overhead, you will be required to replace it with an underground service at this time. It is common for PL&W to provide the conduit and secondary conductor free of charge in these situations. Contact our Engineering dept for further details.