New Services

Our Engineering Department can help you get your water connected to your home or business in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Please start with our Water Service Application for complete details along with the forms necessary to get you started.

Receiving Pierce County or City of Lakewood building permits may require you to confirm adequate water supply for your new project, please fill out this form for a Water Availability Certificate. A signature is required to finalize the certificate. Please fill out and let us know how best to contact you when it is ready for a signature.

Altered water service can include PLW relocating your service (e.g. to move out of yard or driveway area), upgrade/up-size for increased capacity, or make a grade
adjustment requiring the raising or lowering of the existing water service. As you plan projects or improvements that may require altering your service, we will work with you to minimize your time without water. Please refer to our cross connection information here, and contact our Engineering Department to discuss options.

Note: PL&W is required to enforce the cross-connection regulations as set forth by the Washington State Department of Health. Our requirements exceed the minimum regulations in some areas. Please refer to our Cross-connection information here for further details or contact us with any questions.