A board of five trustees is elected by the members of Parkland Light & Water Co. for overall direction of the business and affairs of the company. These trustees are members of the company and live within the service area. Trustees are compensated for their services.

Each trustee is elected to serve a five-year term, with one term coming due at each annual meeting. Annual meetings are held the fourth Tuesday in March and the trustee is elected by a simple majority of members present and voting at that meeting.

The trustees appoint a general manager and meet with him (her) monthly throughout the year to receive reports on the company's business, to vote on budget and expenditures, as well as to set rates for water and power and to join into contracts with power providers. The trustees manage the billing and collection policies of the company and appoints a CPA to audit the company's records. The board also takes part in the company labor union negotiations for a contract to serve PL&WCo when each contract comes due.

Trustees are encouraged to attend classes sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the Northwest Public Power Association that are designed specifically for trustees of electric companies. They also attend meetings of the local organization of Pierce County Cooperative Power Association and the Regional Water Association. These classes and meetings keep your board informed of the most recent governing issues for the company as well as educate your board about the industry.

  • The Current Members of the Board of Trustees are:

  • Gary Hauenstein was appointed to the Board August 2001 and voted in March 26, 2002. Gary has had an enriching career in firefighting, serving 30 years at Parkland's Station #6 before retiring as Fire Chief. Gary's professional knowledge of Parkland's water system and community involvement makes Gary a great asset to the Board.

  • Gary Grazzini was appointed to the Board on October 25, 2007 and in March 2008 was elected to the Board. Gary has a well-known history of the Parkland area and community, having been a resident his entire life. He attended Western Washington University and has achieved a successful career in sales for the past 25 years. With his professional experience and knowledge in business and the local community, Gary brings a positive position to the PL&WCo board.

  • Elaine Walter was voted onto the Board March 23, 1993. She has lived in the Parkland area all her life. Elaine received her bachelor's degree in business education at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) and her master's in business at Oregon State University. Elaine has taught for 30 years at Fife High School. She is the first woman to be a PL&WCo Trustee. With her establishment in the community and educational background, Elaine brings a wealth of ideas and information to the Board.

  • Janet Atkins Detering was appointed to the Board Nov. 29, 2012 and in March 2013 was elected to the Board. Janet was born in Goldendale, WA. Her three children were born in Corvallis and all reside with their families in Parkland and Seattle. She completed a Bachelor of Arts at the Evergreen State College and an MBA from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. From March 1988 through April 2018 she was Controller for the Kurt Mayer and Joe Mayer families. Her community service has included serving on the Franklin Pierce School Board from 1973 to 1985, the South Pierce County Branch Boys & Girls Club, Glacier View District Boy Scouts and the Parkland Spanaway Rotary Club. Her wealth of financial knowledge and her community involvement make her a true asset to the board.
  • Dr. Mark Mulder was appointed to the Board May 29, 2019. He serves as a Professor of Business Administration (Marketing) at Pacific Lutheran University teaching in the MBA, Master of Science in Marketing Analytics, and undergraduate business programs. Professor Mulder has been recognized as Professor of the year and a recipient of teaching and research awards. He also volunteers as a business and marketing consultant with local and global nonprofits and business organizations. As an advocate for clean water, he has served to collaborate with communities while completing clean-water well projects in 8 remote locations in Nicaragua and Honduras. His 20+ years of experience in Parkland as well as business, research and marketing expertise offer a great resource to the Board.