Water Service

Parkland Light and Water Company’s water is pumped from several aquifer levels of the Clover/Chambers Creek Basin as it flows to Puget Sound. PL&W owns all twelve wells which range from 30 to 630 feet deep. Stored water is kept in five above-ground water storage tanks—two are ground level tanks, one elevated tank, and two are standpipes. These tanks can store a total of 5,600,000 gallons of water. The water system is operated by gravity distribution, and supplies ample fire protection throughout our service area, as well as providing the domestic and commercial daily needs of the community.

Some of the wells have more minerals than others. We treat the water to keep the minerals suspended and invisible and under ordinary circumstances, the minerals cause no problems. However, over time sediment accumulates in water lines and may cause problems.

When a fire hydrant is opened, the minerals that have settled in the lines are stirred up and can flow with the water into your home. This becomes noticeable in your cold water. A second problem can occur when sediment builds up in the hot water tank. Tinted water comes out with the hot water.

If you notice a change in your water please see our reference guide for further explanation and tips that might help resolve the situation.

If your cold water supply has been clear, and you begin to notice your hot water is becoming tinted, please see our tank flushing procedure here. This has proven successful the majority of the time.