Hot Water Tank Flushing

The Parkland Light & Water Company water supply comes from a variety of wells, and some of the wells have more minerals than others. We treat the water to keep the minerals suspended and invisible and under ordinary circumstances, the minerals cause no problems. However, over time, sediment accumulates in water lines and may cause problems.

When a fire hydrant is opened, the minerals that have settled in the lines are stirred up and can flow with the water into your home. This becomes noticeable in your cold water. A second problem can occur when sediment builds up in the hot water tank. Tinted water comes out with the hot water.

Prevention is the best cure. When you notice a consistent tint to your cold water, call us at 531-5666. We will flush your service line as soon as we can respond.

If your cold water supply has been clear, and you begin to notice your hot water is becoming tinted, the following tank flushing procedure has proven successful the majority of the time.

  • 1) Ensure that no hot water has been used for at least 8 hours. Overnight is a most likely time.
  • 2) For safety and to prevent the tank from damages, turn off the electric service to the tank at the house electric panel.
  • 3) Attach a garden hose to the drain valve on the tank. The valve should be located at or near the bottom of the tank and may be behind a panel in the tank cover. It should not be behind the same panel that covers the electrical connections.
  • 4) Run the other hose end outside.
  • 5) Ensure that the cold water supply to the tank is ON.
  • 6) Turn on the drain valve on the tank. Allow the water pressure to flush out the tank through the hose until the hose water looks clean. (Usually takes about 10 seconds if this procedure is followed 2 or 3 times a year.)
  • 7) Shut off the drain valve.
  • 8) Disconnect the garden hose. (It may be filled with water, so it's best to detach it and raise it high until you get both ends outside.)
  • 9) Turn on the electricity at the electric panel.

Usually this will clear the problem of tinted hot water. We apologize for the inconvenience