PLW/Charles (Chuck) Nelson Scholarship

Since 2001 Parkland Light & Water has teamed up with the Franklin Pierce Foundation to help local students with advanced schooling. Annually, PL&W contributes $1500 to one student residing within their service area.

The Faculty Selection Committee will select one recipient and may also select an alternate that fulfills the following criteria:
Recipient must be a graduating senior of Washington High School and have lived in the PL&W service area throughout their high school education. They must also present a photocopy of their PL&W bill along with their application.
Recipient must have accumulated a grade point average of 3.00 or better throughout the three years of high school.
Recipient must plan to complete an educational program approved by the committee. The program may be through a vocational school, community college, or a university.
Recipient must be a student who has shown good citizenship.
Recipient must certify that they have received less than $4000 in other scholarship/financial grant money for the first year of advanced education.
Upon student registration, the Franklin Pierce Foundation will release the funds to the institution in the name of the student.

*If a student fails to register and attend classes, the scholarship money may be awarded to the selected alternate or be held by the Franklin Pierce Foundation for the following year’s award. Any interest gained from that money held will be contributed to the Foundation.

2023 Mayvel Roces Pacific Lutheran University
2022 Felomino Paez University of Washington
2021 Tylind Ducksworth Pierce College
2020 Tashayla Braxton Seattle Pacific University
2019 Daiara Jones University of Washington
2018 Magdelina Mitchell University of Washington
2017 Samantha DeHart Seattle Pacific University
2016 Clairriss Johnson University of Washington
2015 Kayla Abler Pacific Lutheran University
2014 Kaylee Wiest Pacific Lutheran University
2013 Enyi Vargas Pierce Community College
2012 Sienna Talbert Washington State University
2011 Adam S Roberts Washington State University
2010 Alyssa Herandy Central Washington University
2009 Steven Kaufman University of Washington
2008 Susanni Yi Miami Institute of Art
2007 Rebekka Levvell Oregon State University
2006 Elizabeth Fernandez University of Washington
2005 Jacob Paikai Pacific Lutheran University
2004 Angelina Carlson Bethune-Cookman College
2003 Warren Phillips Pacific Lutheran University
2002 Christopher Lee Pacific Lutheran University
2001 Moshin Alagi Tacoma Community College
For more information please visit Franklin Pierce Foundation